General Information

Full Name Chenda Duan
Mobile 310-254-5864
Location Los Angeles, CA 90024

Technical Skills

Languages Python, C++, Java, Shell, MATLAB
Front End JavaScript, HTML/CSS, React
Database & Deployment MySQL, GCP, Docker


  • 2022.9 - 2024.6
    Master of Science, Computer Science
    University of California - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA
    • GPA: 3.889
    • Teaching: Teaching Assistant for CS174A: Intro to Computer Graphics. Leading the discussion session with more than 50 students, lecturing advanced graphic knowledge and Javascript.
    • Teaching: Teaching Assistant for CS33: Introduction to Computer Organization. Leading the discussion session with more than 50 students, lecturing basically computer organization and architecture knowledge.
    • Core Courses: Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Adversarial Attack and Robustness, Advanced Computer Architecture, Hardware For Machine Learning.
  • 2019.9 - 2022.6
    Bacholar of Science, Computer Science
    University of California - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA
    • GPA: 4.0
    • Honor: Summa Cum Laude, Dean's Honors List
    • Teaching: Learning Assistant for CS32: Intro to Computer Science, lectured more than 50 students.
    • Core Courses: Algorithms, Computer Organization, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Network, Programming Languages, Database, Software Engineering

Work / Research Experience

  • 2022.3 - Present
    Student Researcher
    UCLA Prof. Bolei Zhou's Group
    • Collected and processed demonstration dataset from a large unorganized question-anwser (QA) dataset for traffic scenarios.
    • Co-developed a simulation environment for urban sidewalks. Collected videos for demonstration and tutorial.
    • Collected human data for testing an optimization method called proxy value propagation. Wrote human-friendly user-interface for data collection and experiment.
    • Pre-processed data from various open-sourced datasets, unifying the format for a platform for traffic scenario modeling and simulation.
  • 2020.6 - 2022.6
    Student Researcher
    UCLA Structure-Computer Interaction Lab
    • Tested a 2D lidar road navigation algorithm on simulation platform. Visualized the result.
    • Collected and processed physical parameters data for flexible devices, improved the efficiency of the data collection pipeline.
  • 2020.6 - 2022.6
    Student Researcher
    UCLA Center for Neurobehavioral Genetics
    • Processed and analyzed biological data, leveraging advanced statistical methods.
    • Executed data visualization and data analysis to elucidate patterns and insights from the RNA sequences.


  • 2023.3 - 2023.6
    AR Glass Assistants APP (Java, AR)
    • Developed an AR Glasses Auxiliary Andriod App using Java, enabling image and sound capture and ensuring a s eamless user experience through efficient compression techniques.
    • Integrating Google AR core to enable object detection and sound classification.
    • Implemented a robust queuing system with congestion control to facilitate seamless data transfer between AR glasses and smartphones.
    • Minimized latency effects through a special design, enhancing the real-time responsiveness of the system.
    • Tested its resilience and reliability in real-world conditions for AR glasses.
  • 2022.3 - 2022.6
    C++-based Web Server (C++, CI/CD, Rest API)
    • Built a NGINX standard web server with REST API capabilities using C++.
    • Constructed a CI/CD Pipeline on GCP with Detailed log info, test coverage monitoring using Google Test, and codereview using gerrit. Setup a monitor dashboard to record up-time and request latency.
    • Source Code
  • 2021.10 - 2021.12
    WebGL-based game (Javascript, WebGL, Computer Graphics)
    • Designed and implemented an online basketball-shooting game with advanced graphic features, including shadow, texture, and reflections, using JavaScript and WebGL.
    • Demo
  • 2020.10 - 2020.12
    Egglendar Online Calendar (React, SQL)
    • Developed an online student calendar specially for international students, with features of importing and converting calendars, adding school course schedules, and finding classmates.
    • Using Material-UI for designing and React for the front-end framework, and MySQL as the database.

Honors and Awards

  • 2019 - 2022
    • Dean's Honors List * 9
    • Summa Cum Laude

Other Interests

  • Sports: Basketball (I can dunk!), Badminton
  • Music: Double-keyboard Electone
  • Gaming: League of Legends, Valorant, BattleField, Overwatch, Terraria, Many more on steam and epic.