Publications serve as vessels of knowledge, displaying the fruits of extensive labor, exploration, and discovery. Yet, beneath the polished surface of each paper, there lies a hidden ocean of unrevealed endeavors, a labyrinth of thoughts, trials, and tribulations that remain obscured in the shadows of the finalized work. --- Chenda


  1. NeurIPS 2023 Spotlight
    Learning from Active Human Involvement through Proxy Value Propagation
    Zhenghao Peng, Wenjie Mo, Chenda Duan, and 2 more authors
  2. NeurIPS 2023
    ScenarioNet: Open-Source Platform for Large-Scale Traffic Scenario Simulation and Modeling
    Quanyi Li, Zhenghao Peng, Lan Feng, and 3 more authors


  1. European Neuropsychopharmacology
    Cell type deconvolution of bulk blood RNA-Seq to reveal biological insights of neuropsychiatric disorders
    Toni Boltz, Tommer Schwarz, Merel Bot, and 9 more authors
    European Neuropsychopharmacology 2022
  2. HGG Advance
    Powerful eQTL mapping through low-coverage RNA sequencing
    Tommer Schwarz, Toni Boltz, Kangcheng Hou, and 7 more authors
    Human Genetics and Genomics Advances 2022