Online text generation server

This is my final project for UCLA CS130: Software Engineering. Our group is called “googolplex”, which is simply 10 to the power of many, many…

Source code at: Here

Project googolplex is a web server built on C++. It mainly funtions as a AI text generator, where you input the prompt, and it will return an “anwser” (actually queried from a public API). User can review their history prompts and answeres freely.

We Constructed a CI/CD Pipeline on google cloud platform (GCP): we have detailed log info from debug all the way to fatal; test coverage report using Google Test, and code review using gerrit. We also setup a monitor dashboard to record up-time and request latency on GCP.

On the left, the demo screenshot of what our front-end looks like. Right, the monitor on GCP
The test coverage by google test.

The server follows the NGINX standard, with REST API capabilities. It is built mostly on C++ with Boost Library (there are more easy-to-use library, but, you know, class project always want you to do in more difficult way lol).

The workflow of our server