Online Student Calendar

This is my final project for UCLA CS97: Software Construction Projects. Our project name is called “Egglendar”, which is simply our Prof’s name “Eggert” plus “calendar”~

Our egglendar works just like a modern calendar: the users need to sign up for an account (with username, email, and password) before actually use the calendar. After signing into their account, users can get into the main calendar page which contains the body of the calendar and a friend-list. Users can also navigate to the setting page to change the courses they currently are enrolling, and update their profile photo, contact info, etc.

You can choose the time zone for the calendar,If you click the calendar directly, you can add the event at the place you clicked directly. We also record all the courses’ schedule for UCLA for the quarter, and users could directly search course through the search box and directly add the corresponding courses into their calendar.

The unique feature is that we also have a friend-list. The UCLA student can see a list of students who take the same course as he chooses, and get their contact info if they choose to show them. The users displayed in the friend-list is sorted from the users with the most common courses to the least.

We use Material-UI for designing and React for the front-end framework, and MySQL as the database.

Source code at: Front-End Source Code Source code at: Back-End Source Code