double keyboard electone

Listen it, play it.

In China, especially since 2000, many parents want their children to master in at least one extracurricular activities. Most likely, they will choose for their children: piano, dance, drawing, go, violin became some of the most heated activitives among childrens, though clearly it is their parents who enjoy them more.

Likely, my parents asked me what I want to learn, instead of directly picked up one for me. I tried many things before I started learning double keyboard electone: drawing (I have to admit that I lack the “art cell” lol), go (aren’t patient enough), piano(I simply thought there are too many people learning it, nothing unique there).

So, I start learning it, from the beginning single keyboard, then double keyboard. It took me days and nights to practice, to gain so-called “musicality”.

Back before, my ultimate goal was to pass the level 10 examination. But when I trully did it when I was 14, I felt like passing the exam should not be the goal, nor the end for playing music.

Since then, playing keyboard has become a way for relaxing, for exploring interesting songs, or simply for nothing but fun.